About the Center

Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges, Ph.D.

Dr. Cayton-Hodges received her Ph.D. in Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Engineering (MSTE) Education at Tufts University in 2009. She was a Cooney Center Fellow in 2010.

Gabrielle’s dissertation, entitled “Young Children’s External Representations of Number,” focused on 4- through 8-year-olds’ understandings of properties of the number system as demonstrated through various methods of external representation. The inspiration for her work stems from her work as an undergraduate at MIT in Brain and Cognitive Sciences where she studied 3-year-olds’ acquisition of the principle of mutual exclusivity of numbers. Gabrielle is also a member of a number of collaborations with Tufts University and TERC, including the Early Algebra Project and the Inquiry Project, both focusing on learning and instruction with third through fifth graders in the Boston area. She is currently Associate Research Scientist in Elementary Mathematics at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ.