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Full STEM Ahead – Rosenthal Math Prize for Teachers

by Cooney Center Team
March 21, 2012

There may only be 2 days left to enter the National STEM Video Game Challenge but the STEM never stops. The Museum of Mathematics is offering a cash prize of $25,000 through the inaugural Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Math Teaching.  The Prize is designed to recognize and promote hands-on … 


by Remy DeCausemaker
January 26, 2012

On December 15th, FOSS@RIT of the RIT Lab for Technological Literacy hosted the first of two Hackathons for the National STEM Video Game Challenge. A Hackathon is like a marathon, but rather than running,  people are coding. Hackathons provide a collaborative environment of like-minded folks, who help each other solve … 

Video games can unleash a learning revolution

by Michael Levine & Timothy Loew
September 27, 2011

This op-ed was originally published in the Boston Globe’s “The Podium” on September 25, 2011.   For decades, America’s educational leadership has been the envy of the world. But now, in the face of globalization and economic realignment, adaptation and innovation are urgently needed. Retooling our education engine to produce …