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Tech Supported Tools to Foster Kids Creativity

by Ann My Thai & Andy Russell
August 23, 2010

In our last post we described how theories of creativity and learning should be integrated with creative problem solving approaches to address our nation’s creativity crisis. Recent advances in technology are enabling creators of children’s digital media to design more experiences that foster children’s creativity and learning. Although children’s digital … 

Public Media’s Impact on Young Readers

by Susan B. Neuman
August 20, 2010

Public Media’s Impact on Young Readers Time for a Fresh Look Reprinted from EdWeek with permission from Susan B. Neuman For the average middle-class American, it might be hard to comprehend just how devastating the effects of poverty are on children’s early literacy development. But the social and educational deficits … 

Raising the Next Digital Generation

by Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges, Ph.D.
August 18, 2010

There is something wonderfully simple about my 5-month-old daughter’s inexperience in our digital universe. I was three years old when the nation watched a woman in runner’s uniform hurl a hammer at “Big Brother” during Super Bowl XVIII. The world was invited to watch in awe and wonder how new … 

Gaming for Behavior Change

by Marj Kleinman
August 18, 2010

Gaming for Behavior Change is a nice, brief publication addressing change making gaming. Design shop Method, that is doing some interesting things in this area, offers this description: “An estimated 3 billion hours are currently spent on gaming every week. By age 21, the average American will have spent more … 

Games Industry Black Book

by Marj Kleinman
August 16, 2010

Check out the Game Industry Black Book Q3 Q4 2010. Excellent opportunities and resources on development, career, distribution, platforms, marketing, and other business opportunities.

Learning Across Silos: An Integrated Approach to the Creativity Crisis

by Ann My Thai & Andy Russell
August 16, 2010

In our first post, we provided an overview of Newsweek’s coverage of America’s creativity crisis, which highlighted the crucial need for creativity and innovation in solving real-world problems. We began to explore skills and processes that have been associated with creativity and appreciate how your comments added to the discussion. … 

Play Mario Bros with your EYES!

by Cooney Center Team
August 13, 2010

Waterloo Labs have designed a system to play Mario only using eye movements. Distinct from previous eye tracking systems such as the EyeWriter that use imaging to detect where you are looking, this program attaches electrodes to your eye muscles to control movement in the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Check out … 

Why Does the Media Still Think Video Games are Bad for Kids?

by Marj Kleinman
August 9, 2010

Do video games cause violence behavior in children? Are they ruining their minds? Despite scientific evidence that refutes these assumptions, why does the media still think video games are damaging for kids? That question was addressed by Scott Steinbergin, tech consultant and founder of GameExec magazine and Game Industry TV, … 

Transforming Childrens Learning to Address Americas Creativity Crisis

by Ann My Thai
August 9, 2010

In today’s difficult job market, which candidate is most appealing, the one who received a perfect SAT score, or the one that can offer the most creative solutions to a complex problem, such as stopping the spread of oil along the Gulf Coast?   The July 10 Newsweek magazine cover story, … 

Top 50 Game Design Books

by Marj Kleinman
August 6, 2010

In 2006, The Edge published their picks in an article called 50 Books For Everyone In the Game Industry. What must-have books should be added to this list?