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Cyberlearning 2017: What’s Next? Making Connections to Shape the Future

18 - 19 Apr 2017 | Arlington
Fee: Yes
Open to public: No
Category: Community

Cyberlearning 2017 will facilitate connections among Cyberlearning researchers across disciplines and with practitioners and stakeholders. Together, attendees will envision a strong path forward for cyberlearning research, taking into account their aspirations and today’s uncertainties. The program will provide opportunities to share insights on cyberlearning designs, genres, and research methods.

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Featured Panel

Broader Impacts: Connecting to Opportunities | April 18
Jamie Bell, Project Director, CAISE
Lori Takeuchi, Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop
Joseph South, Former Director, Office of Educational Technology at U.S. Department of Education

STEM researchers and those charged with developing broader impacts plans, activities and proposals are increasingly looking for innovative strategies and generative collaborations. Broadening participation of underrepresented groups in these activities is a particular challenge that designers and researchers of cyberlearning experiences are building knowledge about. After a brief review of how investments in infrastructure have changed the landscape of informal STEM education expertise and resources, this will be a facilitated discussion of what cyberlearning projects bring to the table.