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Educational Media Use in America: A Breakthrough Learning Forum

breakthrough learning forum

On January 24, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center will host a forum featuring a cross-section of leaders from education, media, research, policy, and philanthropy at a forum in New York City as we release the results of the first national survey on children’s educational media use

Conducted by the Cooney Center and renowned children’s media researcher Vicky Rideout, the nationally representative survey of nearly 1,600 parents of children ages 2-10 will provide a provocative platform for a day of action and discussion. Among the survey’s findings that will be discussed are:

  • How much of children’s media time is devoted to educational content;
  • How that varies across platforms, from television to computers, video games, and mobile;
  • Which platforms parents think their children have learned from the most;
  • What obstacles impede children’s educational media use;
  • How much time children spend reading in print and electronic formats, and why some parents don’t want their children using e-books; and
  • How all of these issues vary based on children’s age, gender, and socio-economic status.

The forum will focus on the practical implications of the national study. Speakers will include FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel; Debra Sanchez, Senior Vice President for Education and Children’s Content Creation at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; Linda Burch, Chief Education Officer for Common Sense Media; Dale Kunkel, Professor of Communication at Arizona University; and David Kleeman, SVP, Insights Programs and PlayVangelist, PlayCollective. Learn more about the Families and Media Project.

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This event is open by invitation only. For more information, please contact us at cooney.center@sesame.org.