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NHSA Early Childhood Innovation Summit 2017

26 - 28 Jun 2017 | Salt Lake City, UT
Fee: Yes
Open to public: No
Category: Community

From its earliest days, Head Start programs, rooted in diverse communities across the country, have had to make innovative adaptations based on local needs and resources. Many of those innovators and their innovations deserve national attention for their ingenuity and potential, yet most have remained unrecognized—in the Head Start community or outside in the larger early childhood community. Almost every one of the important innovations has not been scaled because of insufficient tools, resources, and entrepreneurial skills. Yet, at a time of great public interest in high quality early childhood education, Head Start’s “bright spots” have much to teach the nation.

This generative gathering in Salt Lake City, UT will focus on bringing practitioners together to surface their brightest ideas and explore opportunities for accelerating performance across the entire early childhood landscape. Program leaders from across the country will be inspired by their innovative peers, learn about opportunities with traditional and venture funders, deepen their understanding of the landscape of entrepreneurship, and build their skills for creative thinking and program design.

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