Families Learning Across Boundaries

FamLABThe Families Learning Across Boundaries (FamLAB) project will mobilize a community of caregivers, educators, technology developers, and investors dedicated to solve the bridging problem, with a particular focus on the roles that interactive and communication technologies can play in both strengthening the ecosystem and propelling children’s learning across its boundaries. To do so, the Cooney Center, in partnership with Stanford, New York University, and the FrameWorks Institute, will conduct a set of three activities: a stakeholder survey on bridging, an R&D workshop to spur innovation in bridging partnership and solutions, and a national communications campaign. Research and communications outputs will target key influencers in the policy and education sectors, and inspire and seed new partnerships and investments to create program and tool-based solutions to the bridging problem.

In November 2017, FamLAB researchers from the Cooney Center, NYU, and FrameWorks presented some preliminary findings at a TELOS Initiative symposium at Stanford University. The evening’s presentation was followed by a two-day design workshop attended by seven regional teams. Learn more»

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