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Equity & Inclusivity at IDC: A Workshop at the Interaction Design & Children Conference

by Kiley Sobel
August 8, 2017

The 2017 Interaction Design and Children (IDC) conference took place at Stanford University in California this past June. The conference brought together an amazing community of researchers, designers, educators, and industry specialists who are interested in designing (primarily technology and new media experiences) for and with children. Before the conference began, various … 

Introducing KIDMAP

by Catherine Jhee
April 26, 2017

Creating inclusive children’s media is a lot like creating a beautiful garden. It requires research, planning, and mindful effort. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center is pleased to announce our partnership with the Kids’ Inclusive and Diverse Media Action Project (KIDMAP), formerly known as Diversity in Apps. This collective, made up of … 

Unleashing the Benefits of Coviewing With Minecraft Videos

by Matthew Farber, Ed.D.
April 6, 2017

Both Minecraft and YouTube are ubiquitous in today’s children’s media culture. And like millions of other children, my six-year-old son loves to watch Minecraft videos on YouTube. He frequently watches Grian’s how-to-build-it Minecraft videos. He enjoys the silly antics from Pat and Jen of Gaming with Jen, the husband-and-wife team who … 

Developing Children’s Media with Diversity in Mind

by Kabir Seth
September 8, 2016

Across the children’s media landscape, from movies to video games, diversity and inclusion have been hot topics for discussion throughout 2016. Much of the conversation has focused on the finished product, such as an app or toy and whether it does an effective job in reflecting the diversity of the … 

Digital Literacy and the Enculturation of the Young

by Judith J. Pickens
May 3, 2011

The art and science of storytelling has been at the heart of all good education from the beginning of the humanity. Since before technology, before media, before printing or even writing, education was passed from generation to generation through storytelling. The stories told around the fire before written histories may … 

From Slide Projectors to Touch Screens

by Frances Nankin
May 2, 2011

Frances Nankin, Executive Producer and Editorial Director of Cyberchase, has been developing children’s media for 30 years. She is both an educator and a media producer who sees great potential in emerging media platforms to boost kids’ learning. Cooney Center: What excites you about the potential of new technologies to … 

Achieving e-Quality

by David Kleeman
April 27, 2011

As long as media have created content for children, there have been debates about what defines “quality.” From the “penny dreadfuls” to radio to comic books to music, and onward to TV and digital media, parents have been cautioned about wasted time, moral decay or learning delays. At the same … 

2010 Cooney Center Prizes for Innovation in Children’s Media

by Dan Rabinowitz
June 7, 2010

The goals of the Cooney Center Prizes for Innovation are to identify, inspire, nurture, and scale breakthrough ideas in children’s digital media and learning. The program will annually award cash prizes and provide ongoing business planning support and mentorship to a new generation of children’s media entrepreneurs and visionaries. Prize … 

Market Scan Report: D Is for Digital

by Carly Shuler, Ed.M.
December 16, 2007

Cooney Center Fellow Carly Shuler, an expert in children’s media and the educational toy industry, conducted a scan and analysis of the children’s interactive media environment with a focus on mass marketed products for children aged 3 to 11 that promote learning. The report documents key factors influencing the current …