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Your Brain on Video Games

Did you know that research shows that people who play video games tend to have better vision than those who don’t? According to cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier, who studies the impact of video games on the brain, gamers have quite a few advantages over those who don’t play often. Check out her TED Talk to […]

Innovate to Educate: Designing Video Games to Teach Math

The Cooney Center has just kicked off an exciting multi-sector partnership with experts in neuroscience and learning, seasoned video game designers, and impact game publisher E-line Media to create an innovative video game that teaches fundamental math skills. This “Gut Sense” team brings together some of the world’s foremost experts in learning, brain plasticity, and videogames (Daphne Bavelier and Sean Green); number sense and its relation to school math achievement (Justin Halberda); children’s media (Michael Levine and Lori Takeuchi); media law (George Rose); designing action videogames (Sean Vesce and Mike Wikan); and publishing of learning games (Mike Angst and Alan Gershenfeld). This all-star cast is poised to create a videogame for children ages 7-11 that develops the brain’s numerical intuitions.