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An Increasing Number of Children in American Schools Need to Learn English. Let Them Play!

by Jens Peter de Pedro
November 7, 2016

When I was nine years old, an American boy named Kyle moved to our neighborhood in suburban Stockholm. When we met him, my best friend Gustaf immediately switched to English. I had never heard him speak much English before, but Gustaf had spent a couple of years in an American … 

The iTot Challenge: Getting Young Children Ready in the Jetsonian Age

by Michael H. Levine, Ph.D.
January 26, 2011

Reprinted from Huffington Post. As President Obama discusses our State of the Union with a much needed focus on innovation, education and investment in America’s future, let’s focus on one area that is ripe for radical change: how digital media can be used for education and hands-on, lifelong learning beginning … 

What We’re Reading: January 13, 2011

by Catherine Jhee
January 13, 2011

Last weekend’s CES was the big event for everyone watching out for innovative technology — and according to reports, the conference exhibitors focused heavily on tablet devices, especially the iPad (see David Pogue’s review of CES in the New York Times). We were thrilled for our colleagues who won KAPi …