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New Media Consortium Conference

by Allison Mishkin
June 4, 2013

The New Media Consortium Summer Conference focuses on the diverse uses of technology in education, from those that drive student engagement, to innovations in creating, sharing, and collaborating on information, to the devices and infrastructure that make it all possible. The conference invites faculty and teachers in new media disciplines, … 

Lessons Learned Leading a Creative Jam

by Mark Rabo
July 23, 2012

Mark Rabo recently led a Creative Jam as part of the TIFF Nexus New Media Literacies Conferences that took place in Toronto this spring. We asked him to share some tips for producers interested in collaborating with others in this innovative format that inspires creativity while harnessing the talents of its participants. … 

New Media Consortium Summer Conference

by Allison Mishkin
June 12, 2012

This summer’s New Media Consortium Conference brings together academics, stakeholders and technologists from museums and universities to discuss blending technology with teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. Focused on topics relating to higher education, K-12 Education, and Museums and Informal Learning., this conference hopes to spark innovation and reflection on the … 


by Catherine Jhee
September 20, 2011

QuickStudies are informal field explorations of learning around digital media. New forms of digital media are hitting the market and entering homes at a faster rate than academic researchers can study them. By the time studies are completed and findings are published, these media may already be yesterday’s news. As …