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The Confident Creator is the Anti-Copycat

by Mariel Goddu
November 18, 2010

This past August, the New York Times released an alarming article about plagiarism in U.S. higher education. Citing statistics from a Rutgers University study of 14,000 undergraduates, it reported that over 40 percent of students admitted to having copied text directly from the Internet. More frightening still, 34 percent said … 

Major NYT Article on Games for Learning — Cooney Center Cited

by Marj Kleinman
September 15, 2010

This Sunday, games based learning will be New York Times Magazine cover worthy (we semi-scooped them.) Learning by Playing, by Sara Corbett, is a thorough overview of game play in the classroom, highlighting some successful  and revolutionary programs that are helping kids learn in school, most notably, Quest to Learn, … 

The TV Generation Gap

by Marj Kleinman
September 9, 2010

It’s all about TV this week: who’s going to win big with internet TV — Google or Apple, as well as the big 3D changeover. The recent New York Times article, Hey, Dad, Get With the (3-D) Program, addresses the next generation gap. Like previous generations who saw the switch … 

What Makes a Curious Reader?

by Marj Kleinman
July 29, 2010

The Library of Congress, along with the Ad Council, are encouraging parents to read with their children. According to Florida State University, this activity makes children more willing to read and increases the frequency of their reading. They hope to promote a steady daily reading experience for young children, which …