The 2010 midterm victors may have technology to thank for sending them into the majority. The blogosphere is abuzz about how much of an impact social media and geo-location services will play in the outcome. Whichever way it goes, there is much to learn about the connection and/or distinction between real and online worlds. In addition, the following products and trends also have great implications for how we develop social science based content and how we engage kids in civic participation.

How the ABC News iPad App is Adding Interactivity to Election Night
ABC News’ interactive electoral map app served up real time updates straight to the iPad, making election night a game, not unlike Play the News, a social impact game in which youth and adults can be active participants in current events.

– iCivics published two new games for the occasion: Activate and Cast Your Vote!

– Foursquare and Facebook also got in on the election scene with location based polling locators and voter buzz messaging. Foursquare’s Election Page shows final check-ins at nearly 46,000.

– The New York Times published a tool at The Election Will Be Tweeted (and Retweeted) that measures tweets related to specific candidates in a very interesting animated interface.

– Shaping Youth has a nice roundup of online and offline activities for getting kids and teens politically involved.


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