Playing Games in School: When games make a difference in education

EdSurge has assembled a great primer on  games and learning Playing Games in School: When games make a difference in education. This online resource takes a high-level look at Games and Learning and features insights from leading scholars and practitioners in the field, including James Paul Gee and Joel Levin. The collection features a guide to twenty great educational games and examines the many roles that games can play in education, especially when students create their own. The Cooney Center’s Executive Director Michael Levine’s contribution, Beyond Good and Bad: Applying Games Research to Action, looks at the market’s take on game based learning and summarizes researchers and teachers’ attitudes towards games in education.

Additionally, the compilation features commentary by many of the Cooney Center’s partners. Arizona State University’s James Paul Gee discusses the pitfalls when games align themselves closely with national assessments in Games, Standards, and Assessments. E-Line Media’s Alan Gershenfeld talks about publishing strategies for growing educational games to scale. Frequent collaborator Idit Haper Caperton looks at the importance of teaching Game Design and even calls out some STEM Challenge Winners!

We encourage you to check out the EdSurge Guide to learn about these and other exciting developments in game based learning. And share your thoughts with us!

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