Reframing the Digital Divide: Parents’ Hopes and Concerns About Classroom Technology

The Cooney Center’s second installment of the “Reframing the Digital Divide” infographic series presents lower-income parents’ responses to classroom technology use. Eighty percent of surveyed parents think technology improves the quality of education, but significant groups of parents—particularly those who belong to historically marginalized groups—don’t know how much time their child spends using digital devices at school. And even though most parents (85%) whose children use classroom technology think that doing so helps students prepare for important tests, many also worry that the teacher knows less about their child’s individual needs due to class time spent with technology. Three in four immigrant Hispanic parents have this concern, compared with one in four White, Black, and U.S.-born Hispanic parents.

View the complete infographic (click to view a Spanish-language version here) to learn more about our findings and our suggestions for educators committed to incorporating classroom technology in ways that are responsive to parents’ hopes and concerns.