Meet the Winners: Saida Woolf


Saida Woolf

Saida Woolf, age 13, created Twisted Petals in hopes of producing a game that she and her friends would enjoy playing together. The point-and-click adventure integrates a unique soundtrack, original art, and engaging animations that accompany players as they attempt to escape from the mysterious game world. Built using the Adventure Game Studio engine, the Tehachapi, California-based game designer won the Middle School Open Platform category in the 2017 National STEM Video Game Challenge.

“It helps to have everything planned out ahead of time when developing a new game,” Saida advises aspiring developers. “And don’t forget to ask your friends for feedback—their enthusiasm really fuels the creative process.” In addition to creating original video games, Saida enjoys singing and acting in community theater, playing guitar, competing in science fairs and art contests, and dancing. She hopes to integrate her passion for math, science, and art into her plans for the future.


Screenshot from Twisted Petals by Saida Woolf. (Middle School Open Platform)

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