Meet the Winners: Zoe Plunkett


Zoe Plunkett

Can you stomach the fun of playing a video game while learning about science and the human body? In 10-year-old Zoe Plunkett’s original game, The Digestive System, players learn about a new step in the digestive process as they move through each level. With well-executed mechanics and thoughtful graphic design elements, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based designer won the Middle School Scratch category of the 2017 National STEM Video Game Challenge.

At age 7, Zoe learned about Scratch from her mom, and was excited for the chance to easily create her own games. “Through the process of designing The Digestive System, I’ve learned that to succeed, you sometimes have to try many, many times,” Zoe reflects. She reminds aspiring designers that when you’re developing a new game, it’s okay to start with an idea that feels small. “In the end, you’ll have created something that’s big and great.”

When she’s not creating new games, Zoe likes to read, write short stories, create stop motion videos, and ride her bike. She plans to pursue degrees in computer science and literature in college. “Eventually I hope to become an entrepreneur, creating websites for people.”


Screenshot from The Digestive System by Zoe Plunkett (Middle School Scratch)

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