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Reframing Learning Across Boundaries: Building Public Understanding and Support


We know that children spend more than 80% of their time outside of school. But research indicates that millions of preschool and school age children—especially those from low-income communities—too often lack access to the connected, intentional, evidence-based educational nourishment that is needed to propel lifelong learning. To combat these inequities, policymakers and program developers have targeted expanded learning opportunities as a national priority. But research by the FrameWorks Institute has identified a disconnect that needs to be addressed: most people don’t fully appreciate the value of learning outside of school or the need to connect learning between different environments. This lack of appreciation for how, where, and when learning occurs holds important implications in building public support for needed reforms. Practitioners, program designers, and advocates need strategies to build greater understanding among their constituents about the value of these connections.

At the Summit, co-hosted by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, the FrameWorks Institute, and PBS, a carefully selected group of  leaders from across sectors and geographies will craft creative new strategies to support programs and policies that advance learning across boundaries. The Cooney Center will share findings from its research on how parents and teachers are connecting children’s learning across settings, and FrameWorks will share insights on how the general public and decision-makers think about children’s learning environments. The event will use these resources to launch a toolkit for the “reframing” of the national conversation and provide a chance to advance organizational alliances moving forward.