Next Gen Public Media: Community

Next Gen Public Media Learning & Design Collaborative

Reaching tween and teen audiences is complex, and we’re committed to supporting the public media field through opportunities to share together as they do this work. The Next Gen Public Media Learning & Design Collaborative is an innovation network focused on peer-to-peer learning, professional development, and hearing from experts on tween and teen engagement. Together we will learn, share, and create new ways to meet the needs of tween and teen audiences. 

The Collaborative will include three key elements: a peer learning community (PLC), webinar series, and professional development workshops. 

  • Peer Learning Community
    Meeting monthly, the PLC is a space for deep and interactive conversations driven by public media professionals engaged in tween/teen work.
    Sign up for the PLC here.
  • Webinar Series
    The NGPM webinar series will feature experts from a range of fields including youth development, digital literacies, mental health and wellbeing, and other areas related to serving tweens and teens. The series will launch in 2022.
  • Professional Development Workshops
    Designed and facilitated by field leaders, NGPM’s youth engagement workshops will focus on how to effectively collaborate with tweens and teens to give them “a seat at the table” to shape content and local initiatives. Workshops will be offered in Winter and Fall 2022.
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