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Learning with Games at GLS11

The 11th annual Games+Learning+Society Conference brought together game designers, educators, researchers, funders, academics, cultural institutions, and everyone in between (…and yes… there are even more individuals interested in learning games). This diverse collective sparked debate around issues facing games and learning and the future of this growing field, and, fittingly, this was the first year […]

Games for Change

The Games for Change Festival is the largest gaming event in New York City and the leading international event uniting “games for change” creators with those interested in accessing the positive social impact of games. The event invites developers, researchers, educators, policy-makers, and anyone interested in the field of games and social impact to engage […]

Top Trends from SXSW Interactive

Following Jessica Millstone’s adventure at SXSWEdu, I had the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive (SXSWi), which united 27,000 individuals hailing from a variety of industries including advertising, gaming, journalism, and aerospace (!). This crowd is extremely diverse compared to when SXSW first started as a music festival and even to several years before, which focused […]

Games for Change Festival

Games for Change, the leading advocate for supporting and making games for social impact, is celebrating the organization’s new found global reach at this year’s 9th Annual Games for Change Festival at the NYU Skirball Center June 20-22. Use promo code “cooney” to save 10% off the registration fee. http://www.gamesforchange.org/

Q&A: Games for Change Talks to Jessica Millstone About Teachers and Games

The 9th Annual Games for Change Festival is less than two weeks away! We are thrilled that our own Research Consultant Jessica Millstone and BrainPOP’s Senior Director, Educators Experience, Allisyn Levy, will present the findings of the first national survey on teacher attitudes towards games in the classroom. Their presentation will take place on Wednesday, June 20 at 12:10 in […]

Games for Change Festival 2012 NYC

The 9th Annual Games for Change Festival will be taking place on June 18 – 20 in New York City. There is less than a month to register, so be sure to get your tickets now to catch the following featured keynote speakers: the legendary Nolan Bushnell, “father of the video game industry” and founder […]

Kinect — The Controller is YOU!

Where we’re going, we won’t need remotes. In the slim chance that you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft released a game-changing new system called Kinect on Thursday. As the Wii revolutionized the market with a motion controller, Kinect throws the controller out the window altogether and literally puts you, the player, in the driver’s seat. Kinect […]

Getting (More) Girls into (More) Games

Guest post by Sara M. Grimes, PhD Years ago, when the idea of “games for learning” was still a relatively new concept, a small but important movement emerged around issues of gender in gaming. Led by scholars, designers and members of the game community, the primary objective was to address a gaming gender gap that […]

Gamestar Mechanic Launches Today!

Today, E-Line Media and the Institute of Play are launching Gamestar Mechanic, a game-based learning platform that teaches the principles of game design as a form of 21st Century skill building in a highly engaging and creative environment. Gamestar Mechanic was created through a unique public private partnership that includes leading foundations, non-profits, academia and […]

Gamasutra Network — Weekly Job Round-Ups

Gamasutra and the Serious Game Source do a great service to our industry by posting weekly round-ups of gaming jobs. Check out the summary for the week of August 27th.