Kinect — The Controller is YOU!

Where we’re going, we won’t need remotes. In the slim chance that you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft released a game-changing new system called Kinect on Thursday. As the Wii revolutionized the market with a motion controller, Kinect throws the controller out the window altogether and literally puts you, the player, in the driver’s seat.

Kinect attaches to the Xbox 360 and lets you use your very own arms, legs and body (it tracks 48 parts of your body) to make things go and interact with the game space. The game space is, in fact, includes your entire living room (which is hopefully big enough) with endless possibilities for exploration. With four microphones and three lenses embedded around the room, it uses both voice and facial recognition, making the game play a full sensory experience. It recognizes you when you walk in the room and listens to your commands — great for the single gal.

As for kids, the opportunities are endless. Child-centered design is built right into the UI and there’s no better way for kids to gain mastery and self-efficacy, to say nothing about the physical fitness capabilities.


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