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Engaging the Next Generation of Public Media Audiences

Public media is at a critical junction. Rapidly evolving technology ecosystems mean that new platforms, modes of engagement, and forms of content are driving every part of the media sector to innovate. At the same time, tweens and teens who are growing up in this new world are approaching media differently — they aren’t just […]

The Augmented and Virtual Reality Policy Conference

In the last decade, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) have evolved from niche tools for enthusiasts and high-tech industries to more widely adopted communications technologies that have the potential to transform the way people communicate, collaborate, and learn. As AR/VR solutions gain traction across sectors, they will raise important policy considerations-some of which are already […]

White House Conference Focuses on Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Media

April was a busy month at the White House. In addition to the Early STEM Learning Symposium (which Elisabeth McLure reported on last week), the White House also played host to a day-long conference, “Helping Children Explore, Learn, and Dream Without Limits: Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes in Media and Toys.” Organized by the White House […]

Enlivening Play with Augmented Reality: Some Core Questions

In recent years, augmented reality (AR) toys have gained increasing prominence at the International Toy Fair held in New York. Many of the industry’s biggest players have launched AR lines: Mattel’s Apptivity products build upon the strength of existing brands such as Batman and Hot Wheels; Hasbro’s Lazer Tag works with a compatible app to […]

EdTech Industry Summit

The 10th annual EdTech Industry Summit will focus on Navigating “Next.” Sessions will discuss what’s coming next in the teaching and learning process in a post-PC world, and will prepare attendees to build the infrastructure, products, and services to support the changes that schools want or need. The conference invites the  K-12 and postsecondary education […]

Tech Toy Magic at Toy Fair

This post was originally published on 360kid’s blog and appears here with permission. For more than a decade I’ve been going to the annual NY Toy Fair, and I go primarily for one reason. To check out the latest technology toys. I’ve seen some amazing toys over the years, as well as hundreds, maybe thousands […]