Major NYT Article on Games for Learning — Cooney Center Cited

This Sunday, games based learning will be New York Times Magazine cover worthy (we semi-scooped them.)

Learning by Playing, by Sara Corbett, is a thorough overview of game play in the classroom, highlighting some successful  and revolutionary programs that are helping kids learn in school, most notably, Quest to Learn, a New York based school for digital kids. The school’s founder/director, Katie Salen, says she is “less apt to refer to a school as ‘school’ but rather as a ‘learning space’ or a ‘discovery space’ or sometimes as a ‘possibility space.'”

Corbett, the article’s author, spoke with Cooney Center’s executive director, Michael H. Levine, who recommends that we stop looking so critically at the way children use media and to start exploring how that energy might best be harnessed to help drive them academically. “Kids are literally wearing digital media,” he says. “It’s present everywhere in their lives, except for in the learning environment.”

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