Games & Learning at SXSWEdu

SXSWEdu logoIf you’re in Austin for SXSWEdu, join the Cooney Center at one of the panels that we are presenting. On Monday, March 3, Education Fellow Jessica Millstone will be part of “Listen Up! Speak Up! Game Up! A Game Data Discussion” at 1:30 pm. This panel brings together education, game development and research experts come for a discussion of the ways games ignite the hunger for learning. You’ll hear the perspectives of parents, teachers, and students as well as ideas for leveraging their diverse knowledge and views. Delve into the disconnect between research and practice, with national data from the Gates Foundation, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, and Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up Survey results.

On Tuesday, March 4, Michael Levine will present a playground talk, “#GBL: New Evidence and New Demand or Mostly Hype?” at 9:00am. The talk will analyze research and industry initiatives intended to drive engaging instruction and authentic assessment through games-based learning. It will feature findings from a national survey of teachers who use games, video vignettes of model programs, and policy recommendations for new investments to reach national education reform goals.

Then join us later at 1:30 pm for “Lost in Translation: Applying the Latest Research” on game-based learning. Drawing on the unique perspectives from investment, game creation and education experts, this panel will extract in real time the important takeaways from a new piece of research. We will kick off with a video interview of the report’s author, discuss the specific study, provide tips for translating future research and open discussion to the audience.

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