Digital Age Teacher Preparation Council

The Digital Age Teacher Preparation CouncilThe Cooney Center, in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute,  convened a Digital Age Teacher Preparation Council, co-chaired by Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University and Susan Zelman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which held its first meeting at Sesame Workshop in 2010. The council’s sixteen members from academia, industry, and policy assessed current practices in early education and elementary school teaching. They will then design a professional development “blueprint” to advance the use of effective digital media in teaching and learning, with a special emphasis on instruction for underserved students. The Council identified five key goals:

  1. Create communities of practive with more teacher collaboration and planning
  2. Train early educators to integrate digital and screen media into their teaching practices in developmentally appropriate ways
  3. Expand the use of public media as a resource for teachers
  4. Integrate technology supports into standards, curriculum, and teaching.
  5. The creation of R&D partnerships suited to the digital age

The Council concluded that broad action across each of  our nation’s pivotal sectors is needed to ensure that every teacher gains the capacity to utilize promising new digital tools in their practices.

The work was supported with a generous grant from the Joyce Foundation

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