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Research, Games, and Impact, Oh My!

by Anna Ly
March 26, 2014

This year, I had the great privilege to attend the Digital Media and Learning Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, where I had organized a panel called “Creating Youth Builders – Promoting a New Game Design Ecosystem to Engage Hard-to-Reach Youth in Learning.” The heavy hitters on the panel included Jennifer Groff, … 

DML Daily Dispatch – Day 2

by Sarah Vaala
March 6, 2012

My second day at DML focused on the “Extreme Makeover – DML Edition” panel.  Like the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition television program, the presentations focused on re-thinking and re-making design to fit the needs of younger and older users – but without Ty Pennington.  Despite the fact that digital media … 

DML Daily Dispatch – Day 1

by Sarah Vaala
March 2, 2012

Intrepid Research Fellow, Sarah Vaala, is attending her first Digital Media and Learning Conference in San Francisco. In between convening, attending and conferencing, she is going to be blogging for the Cooney Center about what’s happening at the conference and what the big ideas of each day were. Greetings from … 

The New Coviewing Workshop at DML 2011

by Meagan Bromley
March 30, 2011

How can technology allow us to provide teachable moments and meaningful interactions across challenges of everyday life? How can a single parent who works until 9:00 at night help a child with homework assignments after school? Is there a way for distant relatives to read story books together with young … 

Workshop at DML: The New Coviewing: Supporting Learning through Joint Media Engagement

by Lori Takeuchi, Ph.D.
February 24, 2011

Attending the DML 2011 Conference this week in Long Beach? Don’t miss our workshop, The New Coviewing: Supporting Learning through Joint Media Engagement, Thursday, March 3, at 2:30 pm in International Ballroom II. The Cooney Center, together with the LIFE Center, has been working throughout the 2010-2011 academic year to …