Cooney Center Prize Finalist Launches App

iPhone Game Makes Math Physical — Tilt gameplay gives learners an intuitive sense of fractions

Motion Math, the pioneer of movement based learning games, today announces the launch of their fractions game which will help students master mathematics. Fractions are a notoriously difficult area of math for many learners. One half, 1/2, .5, and 50 percent all refer to the same amount, but to many students learning fractions, theyʼre only equally bewildering. Research has shown both that fractions are crucial for more advanced math content, and that the ability to quickly estimate values on the number line correlates with later math achievement. Motion Math offers an innovative solution for this pervasive problem: itʼs an iPhone game, available this week on the Apple App Store. The Motion Math app makes estimating fractions an engaging, physical experience.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Cooney Center blog post by creators, Jacob Klein and Gabriel Adauto

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