Raising Digitally Healthy Children

parents quiz

Photo and quiz from Parents.com

Many kids received new tablets, smartphones or video games over the holidays. And now that the holiday break is coming to an end and students are preparing to return to school, it’s a good time to evaluate the way they are using these new media tools.

While most parents we know are happy that their kids are well-versed in these new digital media, they are also concerned about issues like how much time they are spending on these devices, who they are connecting with, and what they are learning. We encourage you to take this fun quiz about raising digitally healthy children on the Parents.com website! We think you will find some of the recommendations enlightening.

Our friends at Common Sense Media also have a great post about media resolutions every family should make in 2014 on their blog, urging parents to become more actively engaged in their kids’ media consumption.

What are some of the media resolutions that you and your family are making this year?


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