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The Augmented and Virtual Reality Policy Conference

ARVR Policy Conference

In the last decade, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) have evolved from niche tools for enthusiasts and high-tech industries to more widely adopted communications technologies that have the potential to transform the way people communicate, collaborate, and learn. As AR/VR solutions gain traction across sectors, they will raise important policy considerations-some of which are already a part of broader tech policy discussions, while others will be unique to these technologies.

Through a series of expert talks and panels, this half-day virtual conference organized by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and the XR Association will explore the role of policy in AR/VR innovation and identify priority areas for policymakers to consider as these technologies continue to expand.

JGCC Executive Director Michael Preston will be speaking beginning at 1:25 PM EST on Thursday, October 21st, as part of the Lightning Round: Priorities for an AR/VR Policy Agenda panel.

Register for the conference here.

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