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The 4th National STEM Video Game Challenge Opens Today!

by Administrator
October 29, 2014

Together with our partners at the Smithsonian and E-Line Media, we are thrilled to announce that the National STEM Video Game Challenge is now open for its fourth year! The Challenge aims to motivate interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning among youth by tapping into their natural … 

STEM Challenge Winner Nic Badila Attends White House Science Fair

by Allison Mishkin
June 5, 2014

Like most teenagers, Nicolas Badila, 15, spent Memorial Day playing video games. But, unlike his friends, he was playing games at the White House. Nic, one of the winners of the 2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge, had been invited to showcase his winning game at the White House Science … 

Meet the Winners: Henry Edwards and Kevin Kopczynski

by Sam Zelitch
May 13, 2014

In England at the turn of the last century, a young man named Jacob (whose last name is not known) was on his way to a society event dressed in his finest attire and carrying only his umbrella in case of rain. Naturally, his journey was beset with obstacles. A … 

Research, Games, and Impact, Oh My!

by Anna Ly
March 26, 2014

This year, I had the great privilege to attend the Digital Media and Learning Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, where I had organized a panel called “Creating Youth Builders – Promoting a New Game Design Ecosystem to Engage Hard-to-Reach Youth in Learning.” The heavy hitters on the panel included Jennifer Groff, … 

Meet the National STEM Video Game Challenge Winners: Angel Acevedo-Martinez

by Meagan Bromley
November 26, 2013

One morning last summer in DeRidder, Louisiana, Angel Acevedo-Martinez’s father came into his room and woke him up with exciting news. Angel’s 6th grade math teacher, Miss Sanchez was on the phone to tell him that his game, The Arcade, had been chosen as a winner in the National STEM … 

New York City Video Game Design Workshops Full of Creative Energy

by Administrator
August 8, 2013

Now that the 2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge has wrapped up, we are busy analyzing the results of this year’s competition and the activities that surrounded it. One of the areas we’ve been digging into are the game design workshops that took place around the country with the support … 

Meet the Winners: Brad Schmitz

by Allison Mishkin
August 2, 2013

Each week, we are introducing you to a winner of the STEM Challenge. Last week, we profiled Brianna Igbnosun, the Scratch High School Winner, and this week we are thrilled to introduce you to Brad Schmitz, the Scratch Middle School winner. An 8th grader from Glandorf, Ohio, Brad Schmitz is … 

Meet the Winners: Brianna Igbinosun

by Allison Mishkin
July 24, 2013

This is the first installment of a series featuring the winners of the 2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge. Stay tuned for a new profile of each of our student winners each week! We’re not sure if it was Brianna’s drive, clever strategizing, or keen shirt-designing skills that helped her … 

Lisette Titre Answers Questions from the STEM Challenge Community

by Administrator
March 19, 2013

Video game artist Lisette Titre took some time to answer questions from the STEM Challenge community recently. Check out her responses to aspiring game designers in this video. 

Learning STEM Skills by Designing Video Games

by Administrator
March 14, 2013

Rhys, 10, is an aspiring game designer in Texas who uses Gamestar Mechanic to create worlds to play in. He talks about the importance of stories and creating challenges to engage players. Thanks to Edutopia and PBS for sharing this video from the upcoming documentary Is School Enough? More videos in the Web series (on Edutopia) …