Lisette Titre Answers Questions from the STEM Challenge Community

Video game artist Lisette Titre took some time to answer questions from the STEM Challenge community recently. Check out her responses to aspiring game designers in this video.

Thank you, Lisette!


Lisette TitreLisette Titre has been a digital artist for over twelve years. As a digital modeler,
she takes data from scanned images, concept art, and photographs and creates beautiful 3-D digital sculptures. She her artistic skills include special effects, environment modeling, and texture painting. In addition, she has also managed teams of artists in
China, Australia, Canada, and India. Lisette has contributed to some of EA’s highest profile games, including Tiger Woods Golf, The Simpsons, Dante’s Inferno, and Zombie Apocalypse 2. Her most recent release is Dance Central 3 co-developed with Harmonix.

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