iHelp — How the iPad is Assisting Disabled Children

Check out this recent Wall Street Journal article:

Using the iPad to Connect:
Parents, Therapists Use Apple Tablet to Communicate With Special Needs Kids

The iPad is quickly being utilized for kids with speech and communication issues and can have real breakthrough effects for this population. Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that these therapeutic uses weren’t something Apple engineers could have foreseen. Mr. Jobs said that emails he gets from parents resonate with him. “Our intention is to say something is going on here,” and researchers should “take a look at this.”

Children who had tremendous difficulty communicating what they were feeling, needing or thinking, are being given a new set of tools that are pretty miraculous. You can follow the progress of several of these children at their inspiring blogs below.


Caleigh’s Corner

iHelp for Autism 

Junior’s Voice

Here’s a good roundup for Assistive Technology (AT) using the iPad:

ATMac: Empowering Disabled Apple Users





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