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Could Text Messages to Parents Help Close the “Word Gap”?

by Barbara Ray
July 3, 2014

It works with diabetes patients, smokers trying to quit, and others: a text message reminding you to take your medication or resist the urge to light up. There’s even a Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University devoted to the idea. So what if we could put that same idea to … 

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Introducing Seeding Reading: Investing in Children’s Literacy in a Digital Age

by Lisa Guernsey
June 23, 2014

Today’s children are surrounded by digital media of all kinds. How will they ever learn to read? That question is at the heart of Seeding Reading: Investing in Children’s Literacy in a Digital Age, a new series of articles and analysis brought to you by New America’s Education Policy Program … 

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Our Favorite Children’s Books

by Allison Mishkin
May 15, 2013

To celebrate Children’s Book Week, the oldest literacy initiative in the country, we asked Cooney Center staff members to reflect on their favorite children’s books: the books whose spines we wore out, even if we knew the words by heart; the books that sparked hours of laughter and debate with … 

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Launching Successful Readers: The Role of ICT in Early-Grade Literacy Success

Creating Solutions for Literacy Problems is Not for the Faint of Heart

by Diana Sharp
March 7, 2013

What really matters for early-grade reading? That’s a question we tackled in a recent paper for policy makers and other non-academic audiences, titled “Launching Successful Readers:  The Role of ICT in Early-Grade Literacy Success.”  Our aim was to help guide and frame discussions about how to have more effective investments … 

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