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Let’s Rewrite the Rules for Kids’ Media

Published by Bloomberg Businessweek

Why an iPhone could actually be good for your 3-year-old

Published by The Boston Globe Magazine

Michael Levine: Man with New Media Mission

Published by NIEER Preschool Matters

Helping Children Find What They Need on the Internet

Published by The New York Times

Lets Get Over the Slump

Published by Education Week

Where’s Sesame Street for the Digital Generation?

Published by GOOD

Your Smartphone: A Cheap Babysitter

Published by Mom Logic

Wooing Toddlers, From Naps to Apps

Published by Brand Channel

Parents are using smart phones to entertain bored kids CNN reports

Published by Soyacincau

Parents using smartphones to entertain bored kids

Published by CNN

Phone Appsthe best way to entertain your toddler

Published by ModernMom

Joan Ganz Cooney Center: Game Changer

Published by Filament Games

Will Mobile Technology Spark a Revolution in Education?

Published by Kidobi

Son Get Your Hands on My iPhone Right Now

Published by Columbia News Service

Not Too Smart

Published by OdysseyWare