The App Fairy interviews Nosy Crow

Kate Wilson. Photo/ Dominic Turner

Nosy Crow’s Managing Director and Founder Kate Wilson. Photo: Dominic Turner

Book publisher and app developer Nosy Crow has the best fairytale apps on the market today. Though many app developers lean heavily on the fairytale stories because they are in the public domain and therefore free to use, Nosy Crow is truly innovative in their use of mobile device capabilities and they truly use those special features to move the story forward, not just distract with bells and whistles.

Tune in to episode #4 of the App Fairy Podcast to hear an interview with Kate Wilson, managing director and founder of Nosy Crow.  You’ll find out the story behind their name and cute crow logo, learn how they test their apps and discover Kate’s (secretly) favorite app!  Be sure to also visit the website at to see photos and videos from Nosy Crow and get a link to the Nosy Crow dog’s own Twitter feed (yes, the office dog has it’s own social media account—so much cuteness!).

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