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tinybopIn this special episode of the App Fairy Podcast, we feature part of an interview done by Kabir Seth of the podcast Diversity Sauce about a year ago (back then, his podcast was called “Diversity in Apps”).  Diversity Sauce is a project of the Kids Media and Diversity Project, which is also supported by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, so I was thrilled to have this chance to promote their show on the App Fairy.  Since that interview happened awhile ago, I followed up with a few questions of my own in a mini-update interview with Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop a few weeks back. He is such a great storyteller.  There were several points during my interview where my jaw dropped! Listen to the whole thing and learn why Tinybop considers their apps to be “quiet apps” (and why that’s so awesome) and how one of their apps has become (accidentally) a great way for kids and parents to discuss today’s political climate.

Then, be sure to check out the App Fairy website for links to learn more about diversity in children’s media AND about the incredible resources that Tinybop includes for everyone (for FREE) on their website.  If you’re an Android user—great news!  Tinybop is FINALLY available on Android, for a very inexpensive subscription fee of $10 a year for access to ALL of their apps (I’m normally not a fan of subscription-based models, but this one is such an incredible value for the cost that I can totally get behind it!). Have fun exploring the Tinybop world!


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carissachristner_thumbCarissa Christner works as a Youth Services Librarian in Madison, Wisconsin which she likes much better than her first job in high school, working at a theme park. She and her two young children love to test out new apps together, read books and go for walks in the woods. She blogs about her library adventures at Check out the App Fairy website and follow along on Twitter at @appfairy.

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