Children and Families in the Digital Age: Learning Together in a Media Saturated Culture

Children and Families in the Digital Age (Routledge Press)  offers a fresh, nuanced, and empirically-based perspective on how families are using digital media to enhance learning, routines, and relationships. Edited by Elisabeth Gee,‎ Lori Takeuchi,‎ and Ellen Wartella, the book is based on research conducted by the Families and Media Project (FAM), a multi-disciplinary consortium comprised of researchers from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, Arizona State University, California State University-San Marcos, Northwestern University, Rutgers University, Stanford University, Sesame Workshop, and the University of Washington.

The studies documented in Children and Families in a Digital Age offer fresh perspectives grounded in large-scale survey research as well as in-depth ethnographic studies of how families with children ages 2-12 use media. These families come from a wide range of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, but a majority of the studies represented in this volume focus on Hispanic-Latino families. Chapters offer case studies, real-life examples, and analyses of large-scale national survey data, and provide insights into previously unexplored topics such as the role of siblings in shaping the home media ecology.

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