iLearn II: An Analysis of the Education Category on Apple’s App Store

iLearn IIThe Joan Ganz Cooney Center has released iLearn II: An Analysis of the Education Category of Apple’s App Store, an examination of nearly 200 top-selling education category apps for Apple’s iPad and iPhone with the goal of understanding this market’s dynamics and trends. The analysis highlights industry best practices and future opportunities for developers, educators and researchers to influence this important, but under-scrutinized category by closely examining the content of children’s apps within the education category. The report continues the work of the groundbreaking iLearn, published in 2009 as a benchmark for change of an ever-growing and evolving category.

NEW! September 2012: iLearn II: An Addendum :: An Analysis of the Games Category of Apple’s App Store

iLearn AddendumThough the Education category is the home for most educational apps, when it comes to what children are using there is no question that much of the content they consume is downloaded from the Games category, which has an entire section devoted to children’s content.  Thus, in terms of leveraging apps to further children’s learning, it is important to understand the Games category as well as the Education category.   In this light, the Cooney Center analyzed the top-selling paid apps in the Games category of Apple’s iTunes App Store for this addendum.

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