Games for a Digital Age: K-12 Market Map and Investment Analysis

by John Richards, Leslie Stebbins and Kurt Moellering
January 28, 2013
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Games for a Digital AgeGames for a Digital Age: K-12 Market Map and Investment Analysis includes a sector analysis and market map of game‐based learning initiatives with an analysis of relevant trends in education and digital technology that are likely to impact development of a robust game-based learning market segment. By formulating a new framework for understanding the changing dynamics of purchase decisions at the school, extended learning, and consumer levels including a “follow the money” analysis, this report will guide efficient use of existing capital and examine where new investment would be most productive. Conducted and written by Dr. John Richards, Leslie Stebbins and Dr. Kurt Moellering, the report synthesizes findings from extensive market research and a series of fifty interviews with leaders in the developer and publishing industries, and from the government, foundation and research sectors.


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  • Doug

    I am seeking school districts to partner with in the launch of the Woogi Academy system. This is a first to market web-based platform that integrates the gaming methodologies found in Xbox, with the viral social networking of Facbook, in a virtual learning environment similiar to a Club Penguin. Our flagship program is for teaching English to non-native speakers using cutting edge spaced rehearsal algorithims and collaborative cross-curriculuar activities that motivate and engage in a truly 21st century manner.