Voices on the Future of Childhood: The Future of Play

During the current COVID-19 crisis, children’s play has necessarily evolved to accommodate school shutdowns, social distancing guidelines, and parents’ at-home work schedules. Parks and playgrounds are off-limits. Puzzle and board game sales soar. And Zoom playdates have become the norm. Which of these changes will “stick” in a post-pandemic world, for better and for worse? We asked nine experts to offer their insights and predictions on what play will—or better yet, should—look like when families are released from isolation. 

How will childhood play change in the coming months and/or years as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

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Bo Stjerne Thompsen Helen Hadani
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek Kathryn Ringland Makeda Mays Green
Roger Hart Ronda Jackson Rosanna Lopez