Voices on the Future of Childhood: Back to School

By mid-March, millions of children found their daily routines overturned as schools everywhere closed their doors, thrusting families and teachers into a national experiment in distance learning. Schools and districts across the country are now actively making plans for the 2020-2021 academic year within a climate charged with protests calling for racial justice. We asked experts to offer their insights on how we can ensure that children and families are welcomed back to school with care and support.

What human, organizational, and/or technological infrastructures do we need to put into place to support sustained periods of learning at home and/or more frequent handoffs between teachers and caregivers over the course of the school year? 

To what or whom do we need to pay closer attention as we plan for the reopening of schools? What might we be overlooking?

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Akimi Gibson Elisha Smith Arrillaga Esther Wojicki
Gregg Behr Michelle Ciulla Lipkin Molly McMahon
Robert Tom Kalinowski Tom Liam Lynch