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Joan Ganz Cooney at Sesame Gala

Joan Ganz Cooney: Our Founder and Mentor Is Honored at Sesame Workshop’s Gala

May 29, 2014

Last night, Joan Ganz Cooney was honored at Sesame Workshop’s Annual Gala.  This is the first time that Joan, who co-founded the Children’s Television Workshop 45 years ago and remains Chair of the Workshop’s Executive Committee, was honored by her colleagues.  It won’t be the last honor conferred—though Joan, who … 

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Why Should You Apply for the Joan Ganz Cooney Center Research Fellowship?

by Jason Yip, PhD
March 17, 2014

Editor’s Note: Want to join the Joan Ganz Cooney Center team? Apply to be the 2016-2017 Cooney Center Fellow! We are accepting fellowship applications now through April 4, 2016. Former Cooney Center Research Fellow Jason Yip opens up and shares his experiences and offers advice for those who are interested … 

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Jason Yip

Welcome Cooney Center Research Fellow, Jason Yip

by Administrator
October 31, 2013

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest Cooney Center Fellow. Jason Yip joins our team from the University of Maryland’s College of Education, where he is completing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on science education (chemistry). Jason is a former K-12 math and science … 

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Christina Hinton and Anna Ly, 2012-13 Cooney Center Fellows

The Scoop on Our Fellowship Program

by Christina Hinton, Anna Ly
March 25, 2013

Interested in applying for a fellowship at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center? Former fellows Christina Hinton and Anna Ly have the scoop. Here they answer some frequently asked questions about the program and provide a tour of our office space at Sesame Workshop! And see a special message by our … 

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Sarah Vaala and Murray

The Top 5 Best Things About Being a JGCC Research Fellow

February 1, 2013

Editor’s Note: Want to join the Joan Ganz Cooney Center team? Apply to be the 2016-2017 Cooney Center Fellow! We are accepting fellowship applications now through April 4, 2016. This Fall, I became the newest Cooney Center alum.  After completing my year-long stint as the 2011-2012 Cooney Center Research Fellow, I am now a … 

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Christina Hinton and Anna Ly

Introducing Our New Fellows

by Anna Ly, Christina Hinton
October 22, 2012

The Cooney Center is thrilled to introduce our new fellows, who have joined us in our New York City office this month. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!   Hello all! I am Anna Ly, one of the fellows here at the Cooney Center, and it is … 

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Joan Ganz Cooney, founder of Sesame Workshop, Interview

by Laura
February 22, 2012

Neil Shapiro, of New York City’s WNET13,recently interviewed Joan Ganz Cooney, the founder of the Sesame Street and co-founder of The Joan Ganz Cooney Center, for the Pioneers series.  The Center applies Ms. Ganz Cooney’s ground breaking 40 year old question, “How can emerging media help children learn?” by bring it into … 

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Life After a Cooney Center Research Fellowship

by Gabrielle Cayton-Hodges
February 8, 2012

Editor’s Note: Want to join the Joan Ganz Cooney Center team? Apply to be the 2016-2017 Cooney Center Fellow! We are accepting fellowship applications now through April 4, 2016. We’ve all been there many times: “go around the table and introduce yourselves.”  There are certain times in our lives when this happens at an extremely … 

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Cooney Center Fellows Program Application

by Lori Takeuchi, Ph.D.
February 1, 2012

The Cooney Center Fellows Program encourages research, innovation, and dissemination to promote children’s learning. Fellows participate in a wide range of projects and, in doing so, develop broad exposure to scholarship, policy, and practice in the field of digital media and learning. This professional development program offers opportunities to:  – … 

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Rebecca Herr Stephenson

Introducing the Cooney Center/Annenberg Innovation Lab Collaboration

by Becky Herr-Stephenson, PhD
January 4, 2012

You’ve likely heard the saying “two heads are better than one” used in support of collaboration. Besides the increase in brainpower, the availability of different perspectives and experiences also contributes to the value of working together. On Sesame Street, this adage is embodied by the Two-Headed Monster, who literally puts … 

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