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Happy Anniversary, Sesame Street!

by Catherine Jhee
November 10, 2014

Forty five years ago today, the first episode of Sesame Street aired on PBS. As we celebrate the many ways that our friends Grover, Big Bird, and the rest of the gang have changed the landscape of children’s media for so many generations, all of us at the Joan Ganz … 

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Flickr/William Beem

At the White House: Mapping Innovations to Bridge the Word Gap

by Lisa Guernsey
October 16, 2014

The conversation on reducing the “word gap” in early childhood has reached new heights: Today the White House Office on Science and Technology is hosting a group of policymakers, researchers, and early childhood advocates to exchange ideas on how to help foster language development. The event is titled “Federal, State … 

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Transmedia in Children’s Apps: Now Is the Time for Innovation

by Natalia Kucirkova
October 15, 2014

In 2012, the phrase “Digital Wild West” was used as a catch-all to describe the unregulated and chaotic status of the children’s app landscape. Although the field is still characterized by relatively few rules and low “survival rate,” several efforts have been made to help parents and educators separate the … 

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The Future of the Internet and the History of Public Education

by Sam Zelitch
September 10, 2014

The debate on net neutrality is old news by now, and perhaps even John Oliver has accepted that Federal Communications Commissioner Tom Wheeler seems unlikely to change his mind. But supporters of net neutrality have shown comparable iron will: The protest today staged by Netflix, Reddit, and Vimeo (among others) … 

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Sean Dreilinger

Kids Need Truly Interactive Experiences

by Jason Boog
July 15, 2014

“Interactive” is one of the most overused words in the 21st Century, a label attached to thousands of digital devices, apps and TV shows for kids. Interactive tablet apps will read a book to your kid and interactive cartoon characters will invite your kid to dance during a TV show. … 

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JP and daugther co-play

We Stink at Playing with Our Kids: Thinking Differently About Playing Together

by Jens Peter de Pedro
July 7, 2014

Last week I almost wrecked the imaginary birthday party my daughter was throwing for Strawberry Shortcake. I was sitting on the floor in her room next to Plum Puddin’, Lemon Meringue, Orange Blossom and a few other three-inch-tall plastic guests, when she looked up and casually asked: “What’s more, daddy, … 

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Six Questions for the EdTech Field to Think About When Designing for the 0 to 8 Set

by Shelley Pasnik
June 26, 2014

When studying media for early learning, researchers must keep equity at the forefront, says Shelley Pasnik.  Pasnik, director of the Center for Children and Technology, was one of a group of media creators, scholars, and educators who met in Pittsburgh in early June for the 2014 Fred Forward Conference. Experts … 

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Pediatricians Use Video Tools to Help Children Get Ready to Read

by Sarah Jackson
June 23, 2014

The pediatrician’s office is becoming a new player in helping children learn foundational skills for communication, language development, and eventually reading. But a project in New York is taking this concept a step further, by bringing digital technology—specifically, video cameras and video players—into the doctor’s office. The Video Interaction Project … 

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Michael Levine

Introductory Remarks for Anytime, Anywhere Summer Learning

June 10, 2014

Remarks delivered by Michael Levine at the Anytime, Anywhere Summer Learning Forum co-hosted by New America and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop in partnership with the National Summer Learning Association and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading on June 10, 2014. Thanks Lisa, and thanks very much to … 

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How Do We Create a World Without Limits?

by Lital Marom
May 1, 2014

There’s no doubt we need companies and schools, and teachers that welcome female entrepreneurs and executives en masse. We also know that it takes a few unruly renegades to blaze a new trail, reshaping norms and role-models for those that follow. And before all that—how do we incubate all kids … 

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