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Combining Creativity and STEM Skills Through Video Game Design

April 4, 2016

Almost every child in the United States plays video games—91% of children ages 2-17, according to NPD. But how many kids make their own video games? I could not find any reliable statistics. Nowadays, one barely needs to write a line of code in order to build a video game … 

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Jaime Casap

The Internet Is For All of Us

by Jaime Casap
March 14, 2016

How many of you have NOT used technology today? Or the Internet? Those are questions I often ask in my presentation. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the room or what day or time of day it is, usually no one raises his or her hand. But even … 

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Common Sense Media Expands to Reach Latino Families

by María Alvarez
March 8, 2016

Common Sense Media has launched Common Sense Latino, a dedicated page for  Spanish-language videos and articles. The initiative seeks to offer Latino families information and resources to navigate and thrive in our digital world. In creating Common Sense Latino, we’re responding to the overwhelming evidence that Spanish-speaking families want—and need—the … 

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Remarks at Digital Equity Forum (video)

by Administrator
March 4, 2016

Remarks of Chairman Tom Wheeler at “Digital Equity: Technology and Learning in the Lives of Lower-Income Families” On February 3, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and Rutgers University co-hosted a forum at New America in Washington, D.C. We released Opportunity for All?: Technology and Learning in Lower-Income Families  with presentations … 

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Jordan Shapiro

Millions of ‘Under-Connected’ American Families Experience A Whole Different Internet

by Jordan Shapiro
February 17, 2016

Two distinct mainstream narratives about the Internet really stand out. The first worries that too much digital media will erode our collective moral fiber. The second hails the Internet as a great social equalizer. Both of these narratives end up looking pretty absurd when considered alongside a new study from … 

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To Ensure a Right Start, We Need Digital Equity

by James Steyer
February 4, 2016

This post was originally published on the Common Sense Media Kids Action blog and appears here with permission. Read in Spanish here. In today’s society, access to technology is the path to academic and economic opportunity. This is especially true for kids, who increasingly need access to computers, printers and … 

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Where’s the Evidence on Evidence? My Beef with the Lack of Efficacy Data on Apps

by Jennifer Kotler Clarke
February 1, 2016

The latest report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Getting a Read on the App Stores, provides an overview of what parents are most likely to encounter when they are looking for “educational apps.” The apps the team reviewed are ones that parents are likely to find on a variety … 

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Five Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Choosing Early Literacy Apps

by Barbara Culatta, Kendra Hall-Kenyon, Gary Bingham
January 7, 2016

Developing solid reading and writing skills are critical to children’s success in all learning activities and can be a determining factor for their success in life.  There are thousands of apps claiming to help support early literacy, but few—if any—have any research to support their claims. Selecting effective early literacy … 

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How Do You Find the Best Educational Apps?

by Catherine Jhee
December 21, 2015

Earlier this month the Joan Ganz Cooney Center released the latest in a line of tracking studies of the educational apps marketplace in collaboration with our colleagues at New America.  What we found was—to be blunt—worrisome.  Progress in the development of scientifically-informed early learning apps that parents and educators can … 

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Family Partnerships Are Key to Digital Equity

by Vikki S. Katz, Michael H. Levine, & Carmen Gonzalez
September 18, 2015

This commentary was originally published on on September 16, 2015.   This fall, 3.5 million children will start kindergarten in the United States. One-quarter of them will be Hispanic, more than 90 percent of whom are U.S.-born, and just over one-third of whom are growing up below the poverty … 

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