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Family Engagement and Early Learning in a Digital Age

Imagine these everyday scenes: A father and his two-year-old are in their library’s bookmobile, checking out electronic and print picture books they just enjoyed at story time. Kindergartners select photos and drawings for their school’s annual multimedia slideshow. A grandmother and teacher share a laptop, clicking on videos that demonstrate Spanish-language word games for school […]

Reframing the Digital Divide: Immigrant Families Prioritize Tech for Learning

Our third and final installment of the “Reframing the Digital Divide” infographic series presents details about the disproportionate connectivity and access challenges that lower-income families face, particularly those of Hispanic origin headed by immigrant parents, when compared with higher-income families. Almost half (44%) of immigrant Hispanic parents never use computers, and 66% of immigrant Hispanic parents […]

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Reframing the Digital Divide: Parents’ Hopes and Concerns About Classroom Technology

The Cooney Center’s second installment of the “Reframing the Digital Divide” infographic series presents lower-income parents’ responses to classroom technology use. Eighty percent of surveyed parents think technology improves the quality of education, but significant groups of parents—particularly those who belong to historically marginalized groups—don’t know how much time their child spends using digital devices […]

Behind the Scenes at the White House Early STEM Learning Symposium

It’s not every day you get an invitation to The White House. (I’ll admit it: I’m definitely going to put my invitation in an acid-free, archival album for my children and grandchildren to see.) So it was an absolute honor to be able to attend last week’s Early STEM Learning Symposium at The White House […]

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Introductory Remarks for Anytime, Anywhere Summer Learning

Remarks delivered by Michael Levine at the Anytime, Anywhere Summer Learning Forum co-hosted by New America and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop in partnership with the National Summer Learning Association and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading on June 10, 2014. Thanks Lisa, and thanks very much to New America, the Campaign for […]

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Revisiting the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Last December, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the results of its two-year review of the Children’s Online Privacy Protections Act (COPPA), including a series of amendments and rule changes aimed at updating the Act in light of recent technological and social developments. This was the first time COPPA had been revised since it was […]

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The Risks of Launching a Research Project at a Time of Moral Panic

Every parent and concerned citizen in the U.S. has been following the national conversation about the need for a balanced response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. One area of concern that the President and Vice President highlighted in the action plan they presented last week is the role that […]

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A Competition Against Teen Cyberbullying

More and more kids are involved in digital networking, to the point where mastery of this is a crucial 21st century skill. Which means more and more kids online are being exposed to cyberbullying – with, according to PEW Internet’s August 2011 Tracking Survey, 21 percent even admitting to joining in.  While younger children, our usually […]

Megatrends in Education

A Communique on the Horizon Project’s Recent Communique. Many of you may have heard of the annual Horizon Report, the report put out by the New Media Consortium that tracking the most important trends technology for education over the last decade. To celebrate ten years of producing what has become a vital indicator of social […]


When people ask me what I write about, my answer is that I discuss the positive potential of new and emerging forms of media. I fundamentally believe that media has the potential to play a positive role in children’s lives, am obsessed with Sesame Street, and feel honored to work for an organization that is […]