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The iTot Challenge: Getting Young Children Ready in the Jetsonian Age

by Michael H. Levine, Ph.D.
January 26, 2011

Reprinted from Huffington Post. As President Obama discusses our State of the Union with a much needed focus on innovation, education and investment in America’s future, let’s focus on one area that is ripe for radical change: how digital media can be used for education and hands-on, lifelong learning beginning right from the start. We […]

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Bubble Ball Bounces to the Top

by Catherine Jhee
January 20, 2011

The game that has knocked “Angry Birds Seasons” off its perch as the top free game in the iTunes store was designed by a self-taught 14-year-old programmer. According to ABC News, Robert Nay decided to design his own game after doing some research in the public library and downloading Corona, a software developer’s kit. With […]

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Storytelling, Creativity, and the New Frontier of Digital Play

by Andy Russell
January 18, 2011

Give a young child a couple of toys or a box of crayons and he or she is likely to play for hours, deeply engrossed in an imaginary world. In both art and dramatic play, children construct settings, create fictional characters, and act out fantastic storylines that would be the envy of many Hollywood scriptwriters. […]

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What We’re Reading: January 13, 2011

by Catherine Jhee
January 13, 2011

Last weekend’s CES was the big event for everyone watching out for innovative technology — and according to reports, the conference exhibitors focused heavily on tablet devices, especially the iPad (see David Pogue’s review of CES in the New York Times). We were thrilled for our colleagues who won KAPi awards at the Kids@Play Summit, […]

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Kids at Play

Highlights from Kids @ Play

by Becky Herr Stephenson, PhD
January 12, 2011

Becky Herr Stephenson is a Research Fellow at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center. She attended the Kids@Play Summit at CES 2011, which focused on the way technology is changing how kids learn and play. She shares some highlights with us here: The Kids@Play Summit at CES reaffirmed for me that the best technologies are those […]

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What We’re Reading: January 6, 2011

by Catherine Jhee
January 6, 2011

Here are some of the stories and videos that caught our interest this past week – highlights feature the growing movement to include iPads in the classroom and a Q&A with Michael Levine, Cynthia Chiong, and Carly Shuler about the recent report, “Learning: Is There an App for That?” Check back next week for reports […]

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Kids at Play

Kids at Play Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show

by Catherine Jhee
January 3, 2011

If you are attending the Consumer Electronics Show this week, be sure to check out the Kids at Play Summit on Saturday, January 8. Michael H. Levine, Executive Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, will be speaking on a panel with Sara DeWitt, Vice President of PBS Kids Interactive and Robert Bole, Vice President […]

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