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Games in the Lives of Today’s Teens

by Barry Joseph
June 24, 2021

“We used to love playing Xbox all day. That used to be great. But now that it’s all we really do or have to do, they’re always like, ‘Oh, I’m so bored of Xbox. I just wanna do something else.’” (Boy, Age 17 / Pasco County, Florida) Last year the Joan Ganz Cooney Center launched […]

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A youth participant who used data from TikTok, CDC data, local dashboards, and newspaper images to make decisions on how to participate in local Black Lives Matter protests safely

No Learning Lost Here: Youth Critical Data Practices in the COVID-19 Multi-Pandemic

by Angela Calabrese Barton and Day Greenberg
June 15, 2021

In Spring 2020, as schools around the United States were forced to turn to remote learning methods, a number of research teams around the country mobilized to study how families were adjusting to the pandemic. In July 2020, Dr. Brigid Barron and her team at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education and the Joan Ganz […]

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Learning Out Loud: Youth Media Challenges Connect Student Voices to Public Media Audiences

by Rachel Roberson and Almetria Vaba
June 9, 2021

After two tough years of pandemic disruption, young people have a lot to say about their experiences, struggles, and hopes for the future. And we as educators and public media creators have a unique opportunity to help students reconnect with their schools and communities–and reenergize our airwaves and digital channels with Gen Z voices.  This […]

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Widen the Welcome: How Public Media Can Connect with the Missing Middle

by Derek E. Baird
June 2, 2021

“While new technology is connecting us to each other in different and much faster ways, these changes will necessarily have a knock-on effect to how we interact with one another, how younger generations open up to new cultures and ideas, and how we interpret this cultural Tower of Babel from one era to the next.” […]

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