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The Bloodhound Gang

S is for Science: The Making of 3-2-1 Contact

by Ingrid Ockert
August 26, 2021

This article appeared in Physics Today, January 2021, page 26 and appears here with permission. From Elinor Wonders Why to Emily’s Wonder Lab, a multitude of fresh, dynamic programs have recently premiered that encourage children to channel their inner scientists. Between streaming services and television, today’s young people have more access to quality science programming than ever. But […]

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An Experiment to Understand Children’s Digital Literacy Skills

by Allison Patrick
August 17, 2021

The importance of literacy skills in our lives is clear – reading and language skills allow us to read signs, menus, and participate in everyday encounters. As adults, we rely on our literacy skills in the workplace to write reports, emails, or lesson plans. But it is also clear that critical “literacy” skills extend into […]

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Gaming SEL cover

Mood Management and Video Games

by Matthew Farber
August 10, 2021

The following is an excerpt from Gaming SEL: Games as Transformational to School and Emotional Learning by Matthew Farber and appears here courtesy of publisher Peter Lang.   In the early 1980s, video gaming often meant arcades, quick experiences designed to eat kids’ quarters. These games provided quick thrills, little in the way of nuanced […]

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Reading through zoom

What we can learn from families: Challenges and creative adaptations in the face of school building closures during COVID 

by Brigid Barron, Susie Garcia, Caitlin K. Martin, Rose K. Pozos
August 3, 2021

When schools across the U.S. shut their doors in March 2020, families were confronted with the reality that our educational systems were not designed for remote instruction. Lack of access to the internet or devices, variation in teacher preparation, working parents, and uncertainty of how to best engage learners presented a range of obstacles. Adapting […]

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