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Celebrating the Winners of the National STEM Video Game Challenge

by Allison Mishkin
June 30, 2015

What do virtual reality innovators, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Mr. Roger’s studio have in common? All three were part of an amazing weekend honoring the winners of the 4th annual National STEM Video Game Challenge! Ten students and their families celebrated their achievements this past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA, home of this year’s regional spotlight. […]

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Diversity in Apps Launches New Initiative

by Administrator
June 17, 2015

Earlier this year, Sandhya Nankani, founder of Literary Safari, wrote a blog post for our site about the need for more diversity in kids’ apps. As often happens when an important idea bubbles to the surface, a movement has been born. Sandhya tells us the blog post sparked a great deal of conversation, and an […]

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A Map in Progress: Integrating Technology in Early Literacy

by Shayna Cook
June 16, 2015

Today, young children have access to more technology than ever, and families of almost all socio-economic backgrounds are making smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices part of their daily lives. Many early education programs around the country are beginning to determine how they might harness these tools to engage with parents, improve home-to-school connections, and otherwise augment […]

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Photo by Siobhan Cavanagh

Intergenerational STEM Game Design Workshop @ Moving Image

by Chris Wisniewski and Jordan Smith
June 12, 2015

Several years ago, Museum of the Moving Image presented an exhibition called Spacewar! Video Games Blast Off. This was nothing new for us. We had done exhibitions about video games, featuring playable games in the Museum’s galleries, many times before–we presented our first such exhibition, Hot Circuits: A Video Arcade, a year after we opened […]

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