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SRL Fellows and PBS NewsHour Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan participating in a panel for the National Association of Media Literacy Education.

Not the Only One Anymore: Empowering Diverse Young Voices

by Victoria Hodge
December 18, 2020

Growing up, I was used to being the “only one.” I was the only Black girl in many of my elementary school classrooms, newspaper staff, debate team, and even in college lectures at the University of Virginia. That anxious feeling of being surrounded by faces that were not like my own was a familiar one. […]

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Antigone Davis and Mary Madden

Pandemic Silver Linings: Antigone Davis and Mary Madden

by Catherine Jhee
December 10, 2020

For nine months, we have been living in the midst of a pandemic that has thrust us all into a “new normal.” Teachers and students across the country have been thrown into an abrupt experiment in remote learning since the spring. Stark equity issues have come into view, and education leaders are worried about the […]

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Molly of Denali Family Game Club

Developing the MOLLY OF DENALI Family Game Club with Rural Communities

by Mollie Levin
December 4, 2020

“MOLLY OF DENALI celebrates life in a rural community—a unique one, but rural all the same. Having that commitment to rural representation carry over into the educational resources is tremendously gratifying. And, the fact that families from rural communities across the US had a hand in their creation added both value and authenticity.”—Stephanie McFadden, Alaska […]

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